Matthias Schwelm, born in 1978 in East-Berlin, Germany, is a film editor and director based in Berlin. He pursued his passion for filmmaking by studying feature film direction at the renowned Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg under the guidance of esteemed filmmakers like Thomas Schadt, Nico Hofmann, Stefan Jäger and Christian Wagner.

In 2006, as an associate director, Matthias collaborated with the award-winning Indian filmmaker Kranti Kanadé to realize the children’s film „Mahek“ for the Children’s Film Society of India.

Since 2007, Matthias has been making his mark as a film editor, honing his skills and contributing to a wide array of projects. His work spans across fiction, video art, commercials, web serials to tv and cinema documentaries. However, Matthias‘ expertise goes beyond the realm of editing; his background as a filmmaker and director enriches his approach to crafting unique narratives.

Matthias has been sharing his knowledge since 2016 by conducting workshops and seminars, where he imparts his valuable insights to aspiring editors and filmmakers in various educational institutions and corporate settings.

Matthias Schwelm is a member of the German Film Editors Association (BFS) since 2020. He continues to look out for interesting cinematic collaborations.

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